Family  Two days at Yosemite

A whirlwind visit to the home of El Capitan and Half Dome

‘Yosemite’. It’s a name I’ve been familiar with since childhood. There were nature programmes about it on black and white TV. Yosemite was the trail breaker for the American national park system, which is a world first. Yosemite is the very first wilderness space set aside and protected for public access and enjoyment. And more recently, since I became interested in climbing, names like El Capitan and Half Dome are also familiar.

My family and I were in the US on a whirlwind April school holiday trip to Washington DC and New York on the east coast and San Francisco on the west, with a four hour drive inland from San Fran to finally (I’d never been) take a quick look at Yosemite – just three nights and two days in the park. Not much, but better than nothing.

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