Climbing  Plan C – Southwest Ridge of Cloudy Peak

An attempt on the southwest ridge of Cloudy Peak, a little beyond Erewhon Station in the Canterbury mountains

Despite the record breaking sunshine hours in the first part of 2016, our third nominated weekend to make an attempt on Sefton from Welcome Pass again had to be binned due to bad weather. It looked better off the main divide though, so my Christchurch based climbing buddies Piotr Nowak, James Hobson and I planned to take a look at Kitchener and Annette – Plan B. By the time I reached Christchurch however, even Plan B looked no good as the fickle weather forecast deteriorated further.

Hmmm, something even further east, starting with C, for Plan C – how about Cloudy Peak?! I’d never heard of it, but my Cantabrian colleagues, unlike me both very capable rock climbers, reckoned the southwest ridge of Cloudy Peak would give us a nice challenge. The trouble with Plan C’s is that you really have to wing it – any pre-climb prep time has been expended on plans A and B. This set us up for a couple of surprises.

For a route map and more images
For a route map and more images