Ski Touring  The Fox Neve

The west coast neve’s are a magical ski touring destination. Whilst there’s plenty of scope for very intense lines, there’s also plenty of mellow terrain for when the snow isn’t quite in condition. Regardless of the skiing, it is an incredible place to visit.

During our 5 day trip we experienced 100kmh South easterly winds, and hot windless afternoons, we skied breakable rain crust at 2700m, but enjoyed a few turns of corn when the gales abated. We sat drinking pilseners on the front porch as the sun kissed the Tasman Sea, and the next day peered over the main divide to the Tasman Glacier.  Epic amounts of chocolate were consumed, apart from the day where we made a Cheesecake from the leftover hut food.  The ice axe, crampons and ski crampons all got a work out, and rusty rope skills got a good review. And in the end, after waking up at 2400m on a Glacier, we swam at Bruce Bay on the way home.

Many thanks to Mark, Pete, Em and Ian for a memorable trip.

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